System solutions in surface treatment

DBD Plasma offers customized products and system solutions for surface treatment of materials such as paper, metal, wood, leather, glass and other materials with cold atmospheric pressure plasma. The systems are applied to a wide variety of topologies of the surfaces.

Produktbild PlasCade® D 1801-LS front

Surface treatment with different discharge geometries.

DBD Direkte Plasmaentladung
DBD Oberflächengleitentladung
DBD Remote Plasma (DBD Jet)

Industrial sectors

There are applications across all industries where companies need to apply carrier materials sustainably to surfaces.

Our products and system solutions

Our products and system solutions enable you to pre-treat surfaces with plasma in such a way that, for printing application as an example

  • increase colour quality
  • save costs of materials
  • achieve homogeneity

Your advantages

  • working atmospherically and thus without vacuum chambers
  • supplied by 24 V DC
  • using cold plasma that only has the ambient temperature

Your benefit

  • You increase your efficiency
  • You optimize process costs
  • Your products will become more durable
  • You increase your technology leadership and thus your competitiveness in your market segment
For example 3×3 cascading of PlasCade® modules

Scientific partnership

DBD Plasma has industrialized results of two decades of research. Permanent partners are institutions with high reputation in plasma technology. This generates additional high potential of innovation, a benefit for our clients too.

Plasma 4th state of matter


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